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Did you hear the one about the ripped, 6` 7`` Straight Firefighter and his 9 inch hose?

This isn`t a joke - and there`s no punch line - it`s the story of a burning hot, first time gay sex scene by a very Straight, tall, muscular, hung, masculine dude.

Colin, our Straight guy, is a firefighter and one of the tallest men we have ever featured on the site at 6`7``. Recently divorced and not real serious with his new gf, he decided he wanted to try his hand at porn. He has a ripped physique, with a few tattoos and body piercings that give him the appearance of a bad-ass biker dude. But, it is the 9`` piece of meat that got our attention and that of our bait guy.

Chad Brock is a mature gay man with a ripped body, beautiful cock and even more beautiful ass. He likes nothing more than having his way with curious straight guys and convincing them to go all the way! With his masculine good looks, piercing green eyes, muscular body and beautiful ass - Chad is the perfect bait guy!

Things started to get out of hand once we told the boys that we had girl problems - no, not that kind - you know, the girl didn`t show for the ``straight`` porn shoot. Colin was totally bent out of shape and already leaving the set when it was suggested he do some guy/guy stuff so that everyone could get paid. We got him settled down enough to hear us out and he finally agreed to take it a step at a time. Let`s just skip the part about Colin, the inexperienced Straight guy, gagging on Chad`s hose when he took it too far into his throat ... more than once. And jump right to one of the roughest fuckings we`ve ever filmed as Colin pounded the cum out of our Bait guy. The action is so hot, we`re sure you`ll be on fire - just hold out to the end and let Colin help you put it out when he shoots a load onto our still panting Bait boy, Chad.