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Tony is a beautiful, tall, dark haired, lean muscled, young country stud from Kentucky who came to us wanting to break into straight porn.  He is the type of guy that you can tell just wants sex all the time and get`s it. Just check out his perfectly sculpted physique! Tony`s apparently, horny and open-minded girlfriend was aware of his new calling in porn and asked if she could be in his next movie!  She can be in his next movie, but we will NOT be the ones shooting it - we only use make-believe girls who don`t quite every show up.

Seth is a brand new bait boy. He`s a younger twink type of guy with beautiful hazel eyes and a desire for straight cock.  A bit on the shy and quiet side, we had to butch him up a little so as to be sure the straight guy would believe he was into girls.  He loved the challenge and delivers big time by giving up his beautiful ass to our unsuspecting straight guy!

After they were told it`s gay4pay or they`d have to sashay away (RuPaul doesn`t own it), Tony was emphatic about his "straightness" - a couple of times. However, for a few extra bucks he was willing to try. And good try it was. He got through sucking another dude`s dick. But, when it came to fucking, he got in and then went soft - a number of times. He said "I just can`t fuck a guy". Watching this straight, country boy struggle was an erotic experience in itself. But, we decided to place our entertainment second in order to put him out of his misery. In the end we had Seth suck him until he got really hard and then had him jack off all over our baitboy - from face to feet - a real cum bath. This instantly triggered Seth to blow his load in a loud moaning finale. In our interview with Tony after the shoot (see it in the blog) he admits to once or twice, when very drunk, going down on a dude at a party. And he also describes what has to have been a very hot DP he did with another dude and his girlfriend.