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"I never thought I`d feel this way...That`s what friends are for."

Zach contacted us wanting to know if we could help him fulfill a fantasy he has had for several years.  Intrigued, we found out that since college he had a secret desire to have sex with his best buddy and hoped we could capture it on film.  As soon as we saw how incredibly good looking Zach was, we had to try this out!  He has stunning hazel eyes, a RIPPED physique that shows off his 8 pack, huge low hanging balls, an enormous uncut cock and one of the most beautiful asses we have ever seen!

Manny was intrigued with his old college bud`s new occupation in adult entertainment and at Zachs invitation, decided to join his him for some tag team straight porn action.  Of course, Manny didn`t know about Zach`s secret desire to get into his pants and that our cameras and "straight" porn shoot scam was the way we were going to try and make this fantasy come true.  At 6`2" our straight, Latino stud, Manny, is packing an impressive 8" of uncut meat between his legs.  It is no wonder that our bait guy Zach wanted it up his beautiful ass.  Manny was reluctant and needed some prodding & reassurance, but in the end..."that`s what friends are for".