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Greek Kissology

Sean Stavos is a classic good looking, totally straight Greek man who truly takes care of himself physically. Blue eyes and dark hair are a great combination in our book. Especially with his well sculpted body, low hanging balls and long thick cock. In his 32 years of life, he has never done any type of porn and has never been with another guy sexually. Well, we can`t say that about our Bait guy, Dominic Pacifico, who adds even more muscle and good looks to this video. A few years ago at the beginning of his gay porn career Dominic worked for us as a bait guy and lucky for us, he decided to come back for more straight cock. As a well known gay porn star now, we were thrilled that he took us up on our offer! He was a hot, cute boy a few years ago and now he is even better looking! With his chiseled body, Latino heartthrob good looks, amazing uncut cock, big balls and beautiful ass he is practically perfect in every way. Dominic is also a successful DJ these days and goes by the name DJ PornStar - very appropriate!

The action is going south after we tell Sean that there won`t be any girls in his very first video. He`s not very happy and is ready to leave the studio. However, money talks around here and so far not many have walked on our offer. As a matter of fact we are thinking of releasing a video of all the ones who either threw a punch, threw some furniture or just plain threw up when they tried to suck a dick for the first time. Back to the action and our very first straight guy kiss. Stavos just shrugs his shoulders and goes with it, you can hear the collective moan in the studio from the cameramen and assistants are probably imagining that it`s their lips on the other side of that tongue heavy kiss. From there, things seemed to go smoothly into a mutual blow job where Sean is hesitantly taking our bait`s beautiful cock into his mouth and with just a little prodding from Dominic, takes it half way down his throat. The fucking in this video is just a classic straight guy pounding with Dominic moaning and groaning and both guys finishing with some thick, hefty, splattering cumshots.

Of course in the "After the Shoot" interviews, Dominic was a perfectly happy and satisfied stud. While our Straight guy Sean seemed to also get off pretty good, he had to say that "in the beginning it was HORRENDOUS" and "I didn`t like the sucking cock"...but "he was tighter than my girlfriend" and he really liked the fucking. When asked if he`d do it again with another guy he said "once was enough".  It`s a privilege to watch this straight not only having sex for the first time on camera, but having it with a guy for the first and only time in his life. This video is not to be missed!