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Straight Student Seduced By His Math Tutor!

We hired a college student this week as our new bait guy. His name is Nathan, he has a cute smooth twinkish type of body and adorable smile. He says he excels at math and gay sex. During his interview, he told us about this straight kid Seth in his math class who he`s be tutoring for several months now and how he really wants to get into this dude`s pants. We asked him "If we get him in the studio would you have the guts to have sex with him?", and he enthusiastically told us, "Oh yeah"! So he set the deal up with Seth and on the day of the shoot our unsuspecting straight guy came to do his very first porn video, make a few bucks and get his rocks off with a hot girl.

The guys quickly stripped down to work up some wood. Seth had a very nice, slender body, great proportions, nice chest and cock. He told us that he`s had plenty of girls and was raring to go. Then the bad news - our producers tells them that the girl can`t make it and "If we all want to make some money you guys are going to have to shoot some sex...with each other." Seth was not a happy camper. But, after some talking and his buddy/tutor`s spontaneous admission that he`s bi, Seth knew he was kind of trapped and he didn`t want his college bud or himself to leave without getting paid.

We took them from a mutual JO session to a VERY hot and heavy make out session which really put a smile on Seth`s face but which rapidly dissolved into a frown when he next found himself on hands and knees with his tutor`s cock in his mouth. We also mixed in some cockfighting to make it interesting and finally the action ends with one of the hottest fuck scenes and a climax with screaming and groaning which seemed to go on for several minutes.  The moral of this story, find a hot straight boy who`s not too good at math and offer him a hand. It might add up to something you never expected!