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"An Acquired Taste"

If you like young, cute dudes you are going to want to see our newest Bait boy, Aaron. He`s a 20 year old college student who looks more like the kid brother of a 20 year old college student. We can`t help gushing, but this guy is so fucking adorable he made our collective knees weak. His beautiful face is topped by a mop of brown hair, pretty eyes, luscious lips and a wide, white toothed smile worthy of a toothpaste commercial. He has a smooth, almost hairless body but for the perfect smattering down his sexy thighs and legs. With almost perfect proportions and a real nice cock, this is one piece of ass most guys would not turn down. He contacted us because he loves seducing straight guys and has done it before - and that`s not hard to believe. But, there was one straight nut he had not yet been able to crack- more or less because he was too close to the situation. He has had his heart set on getting a taste of his best bud at high school, Davin. He knew he could conquer this guy with our help.

Being the great and helpful guys we are, there was no doubt that we were going to take this cause on and fulfill Aaron`s fantasy - actually we would`ve done just about anything to get this guy out of his clothes! So, we had him call Davin and talk him into doing a straight porn shoot for us. Once you see this video you`ll realize that Davin didn`t need much convincing to do porn. He had no problem telling us he was gifted with 9.5 inches of thick, rock hard cock. He`s not quite as boyish as Aaron, but he`s a typical, young, good looking college dude with a real nice body who knows how to throw a good fuck. He was so laid back and easy going that we just told him right up front - dude, we don`t have a girl for today - how about doing it with your buddy so we can all get paid and get out of here. His response was unexpected. For him it was about getting the cash and nothing else.

He got through the mutual jacking without a hitch, but you need to see the lemon face he wears when he has to go down on his buddy Aaron`s cock - it`s brilliant - typical straight guy. In the "After the Shoot" interview he was asked how it was sucking a guys dick for the first time. His answer, "It was salty - I guess it`s an acquired taste" - what to can you say to that except un-huh. Things went smoother with the fucking, as that`s where Davin excels with women - he calls it "teaching them a lesson". I guess with almost 10 inches of baby arm thick cock you can call it that. It was a bit of an effort until he finally got that beast up Aaron`s ready and pulsing butthole. And although Davin appeared to be at ease even, enjoying the fucking, he made many statements to make sure that anyone watching the video would for sure know he was totally straight - just gay4pay today. First thing out of his mouth "I`m not getting fucked!". OK, OK, nobody`s gonna shove their dick up your butt. "I`m not into this shit - it`s just for the money." Yeah, we got it. And, the best line was after it was all over, while the camera was still running "I want everyone who sees this video to know that I was watching the straight porn while I was doing all this", referring to the video playing on a monitor just beyond the set. Got it dude - you`re just doing it for the money. Aaron didn`t care why he was doing it - this boy just couldn`t wipe that grin off his face through his own high school fantasy come true. He was so comfortable he was telling his buddy that his dick was really hot and anything else that came to mind. As a matter of fact, the only time he wasn`t smiling was when Davin threw him the straight guy fuck of a lifetime which ended in a leg shaking climax with both of them wearing a facial expression that could only be described as pure ecstasy!