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Laissez Faire `let them get on with it`

Having a French guy as your buddy is just like having a girlfriend, they will talk to you about the latest fashion trends, cooking recipes and of course wine and cheese - and that beautiful, yet elegant accent can make you think twice about their sexuality. And for our Bait boy, Tristan, that`s a good thing, because he is far from a straight appearing masculine guy. So, when Sebastan and Tristan met on the beach during his American vacation they became quick friends. Sebastian thought Tristan was straight and in the beginning, Tristan thought the French hottie was gay - not so surprising. When Sebastian didn`t respond to Tristan`s subtle flirting but instead kept talking about ``zee beautiful American girls``, Tristan realized that he wasn`t soon getting into Sebastian`s pants. That is until he wrote to us and asked to be in a video with his bud Sebastian!

Sebastian was more than happy to go along with Tristan as he was low on funds and needed to earn enough to buy a ticket back to France. Being an open minded French guy, he was willing to explore sex with another guy for the first time in front of our cameras . He was surprised that the male contact would be so pleasurable and it looks like he may be willing to explore more in the future. He is the classic good looking French man with a rugged face, furry strong body and a large succulent cock that just begs for attention. Tristan is a young, lean and good looking guy who has a thing for straight guys…especially guys who come from over seas. With a smooth body, fuckable ass and a real beautiful cock it is apparent that most guys would never turn him down.

Tristan got more than he even hoped for, from swapping blowjobs to swapping spit in some hot kissing action to getting his brains fucked out - ending with a huge load of zee hot cum all over his face!