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This totally changes poker night...

This week`s Bait boy is Parker. He has the looks of a top male fashion model and the sexual appetite of a lion in heat! His stunning face is topped with a head of luscious beautiful brown hair, lips made for kissing, and eyes that draw you in like a modern day vampire. A lean physique leading down to a beautiful cock and an ass that begs for attention are all attributes we love in this young hot man. He came to us with a mission that he intended to complete. And that mission was to have sex with his straight classmate, party friend and poker buddy, a hunk of Irish redhead named Micah. He knew that getting this "up for anything" wildman to jack off with while him watching porn for money would be easy - but Parker knew that Micah was "packin` it" and really needed to get fucked. So, we signed on to his mission and were intent on a successful execution.

When Micah walked into the studio, our jaws fell to the ground! At 6`3" with the physique of a pro ball player, we just could not wait to get him out of his clothes. A true red head, Micah breaks the myth with his stunning good looks, strong muscular build and perhaps one of the most gorgeous 8`5" cock and balls we have seen in a long time. This stud is the entire package. He told us he liked big butt and big tits, Latinas, really exotic girls.

After a brief chat with the boys, we got right down to business. We made it clear, for Micah`s benefit, that this was a jerkoff scene to be shown on a website for girls. The jacking went on for several minutes and that was hot enough, but it was time to turn up the heat. We offered some more money if the guys would jack each other off - Micah didn`t hesitate too much and it was really hot to see this straight guy grab his buddy Parker`s dick and stroke it. What`s more interesting is that Micah was hard as a rock from Parker`s stroking and his eyes could barely stay off his friend`s cock as he played with it for the first time. Step two was oral and started with Parker sucking Micah`s huge dick with both guys lovin` it. Then the flip flop. Micah initially balked, but gave in for an extra $100 and he gave us our money`s worth by really getting into massaging Parker`s hard cock with his tongue and mouth. At the end of the suck session, Micah said he was "pretty turned on", so we quickly got them into some deep kissing - if you get past this part without blowing your own load we`ll be surprised. Next, we had to triple the $$$ in order to get Micah to fuck Parker. But did we really have to pay? Because as Micah started to fuck, he said to Parker "maybe if you got me drunk enough we`d be doing this off camera". We`re glad it didn`t happen that way as it was truly a rough, hot, sexy, straight boy fuck, made obvious by the intensity of Parker`s moans and groans. Micah then blurts out "You`ve been waiting for this for a long time?" and continues to pound away even harder "That`s why you brought me in here - Isn`t it?" and the pounding gets harder until Parker can`t hold back and shoots a big load all over his stomach followed by Micah shooting a huge load on Parker`s face and closed mouth. Look carefully as Parker quickly slips his tongue out to take a taste of his hot buddy`s straight guy cum! Finally catching his breath, Micah blurts out "This totally changes poker night."