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Our First Guy Quest Episode: Road Trip!

``Better than candy.``

In our first Guy Quest episode, we shout ``road trip!`` And who`s raring to go but our hot red headed Puerto Rican who is insatiable when it comes to sex with straight men. He has a rockin` body, big bubble butt, fat cock, and he knows how to use it. A self proclaimed expert cock sucker and bottom boy, Steven likes nothing more than to bed hot straight men.  Off we go to a local resort where Steven makes our job of finding a straight victim easy by spending the day virtually stalking the Straight hottie resort maintenance guy for some eight hours before we`re finally ready for the shoot.

We were wide-eyed when we confronted this guy, Santos, a straight, hot masculine, Latino, with curly hair, blue eyes, beautiful smooth gym body, bubble butt and prerequisite tattoo.  He had no idea where the cameras came from, what was going on, but as soon as he heard `porn`` and ``blow job`` that`s all he could focus on.   We asked Santos if he`d like to be in the video and get paid to get a BJ from a girl. ``I`ll do it for free`` he replied. And when we could see how horned up he was we pulled the bait & switch and told him it would be a guy instead. ``I`m not gay``, OK, we get it, ``but you do prefer these $100 bills``, we were waving ``over the $9.00 hr you`re getting to fill that ice bucket?``  He was sold and ready to give it try. We keep upping the ante for him to do more an more with our Bait guy Steven until he finally said ``Hey, you keep adding stuff!`` Well, if he`s gonna keep doing it, we`re gonna keep pushin` it. Of course we wave some more cash at him and he seems to be having a good time, especially when he gets rimmed for the first time. He was going nuts and even wanted to go back to that later in the scene. Well after straighty Santos sucked dick and kissed a guy and did a 69, he shoots a healthy load into Steven`s waiting mouth and all over his face. Steven then lubes his hefty cock with some of that cum and starts jacking like a madman, finally he puts his tongue on Santos` still hard cock and licks some dripping cum which puts him over the edge ending in a screaming orgasm!

When it`s all over we ask Santos how it was and he said pretty good. He even said he might come back and do another scene for us. When we spoke to Steven we ask him how Santos tasted and he answered ``Better than candy!``