Bait: Alex Rayne
Straight: ACE
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"I got the business."

That's what ACE told us when we asked him about doing some porn. We recruited ACE straight off the street and that confident, cocky, masculine, rough around the edges, mixed race straight boy with his gorgeous face, beautiful ripped body and 8inch plus cock really does have all the "business" anyone could ask for.  Of course ACE kept asking about the girl he was going to do the scene with - and that's when we broke the news that he was being paired up with Alex - and Alex ain't no chick - he's our Bait guy for this video. Alex is tall and lean with a defined body and killer blue eyes. He is more on the quiet side but his desire for straight cock is apparent. Alex has a nice cock and balls with a beautiful ass that just begs for attention.

ACE wasn't too happy, but money is the universal salve and this video turned out to be truly amazing. You won't believe the ending where ACE pounds Alex with his almost 9inch tool and jacks the guy off to an explosive cum. Our straight dude then rips off his condom and blasts loads of cum so far past our Bait guy's head that we can't find the fucking sperm until the shoot is over and we go on the hunt with a flashlight. Alex, in his post orgasmic trance then grabs ACE's huge cock and strokes it until he finally comes in for a landing.