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``Put a ring on it.``

No. we`re not talking about a cock ring... this week`s extremely hot and masculine straight guy, Ty, is engaged to be married and wears his ring proudly. But, that doesn`t stop him from taking our offer of stripping and showering for $200 just five minutes after meeting Caruso for the first time...in a park! Ty is 23 years old, with a beautful, muscular body covered in tattoos. He`s 5`10``, 175, has brown hair, brown eyes, and a whopping 9.5 inch cut dick.

So we take Ty back to the studio where he strips down and shows off a body and dick that nobody ever says no to. Sitting just outside camera range in the shadows is our bait boy, Val. Val is  28, 5`9``, 145, with brown hair, brown eyes and a 7`` uncut cock and sports a slender but totally ripped body. Caruso quiety tells Val to strip down and get ready to walk into the shower with Ty. Ty is a bit flustered when Val enters the scene, but says nothing when asked to pose with our bait boy. Step by step, Val is directed into poses which eventually have his hand on Ty`s dick. Ty makes his discomfort with the gay stuff known, but that doesn`t stop Caruso from making a quick offer of cash if Ty let`s Val blow him. Val just moves in for the kill before Ty can change his mind and once his mouth is wrapped around that nine inch piece of meat, Ty throws his head back and his resistance melts away. When we ask them to kiss, again Val moves in, twice, but only gets a peck each time. Ty says ``it`s too inimate`` to which Caruso follows up with ``how about giving him head?`` and with a sigh of relief that he doesn`t have to kiss, he just answers ``I guess so.``  After the straight guy`s awkward cocksucking job, we try to move him to fucking - but Ty finally draws a line in the sand and says ``NO``. So, we finish the scene with a very hot bj and Ty blowing a huge load on Val`s face and mouth.  Val finishes himself off while fucking a huge dildo.