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``Noah`s Arch``

Our straight guy Beau tells us he`s ``ready to get some pussy`` because he`s ``addicted to women``. Can we rehabilitate this rough street guy and make him go gay4pay? Beau is 6`2`` with blond hair, blue eyes a fit, tight body and a beautiful 9.5`` cock. We paired him with Noah our Bait boy, who is as cute as they come with dark hair, dark eyes, flawless skin, a toned, compact body and a 7`` cock.

We wasted no time and got down to business right away by telling Beau that there is no girl and if he wants to make some money he has to do stuff with Noah. His first response ``ain`t my bag of chips - this wasn`t part of the fucking deal!`` But, he has no job and no cash, so double the money was too good for Beau to pass up. We progressed from having him get sucked off by Noah and then having him suck Noah`s dick, which he wasn`t too pleased with. Then for the finale we get to see him push ALL 9.5 inches into Noah`s cute butt and then fuck the living daylight out of him...while both guys seemed to be loving every minute. The cumshots are explosive!  And in the final interview, Caruso asks Beau ``how was it getting into Noah`s Arch?`` and, in his deep street worn voice he answers ``ain`t dat bad`` but that he`s still a pussy hound and addicted to women. I guess we`ll have to bring him back for some more pussy rehab!