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ogtimer (01/24/11)
That's so HOT.


``Bait Buddies Got Talent``

Watch out America, because we have some of the hottest new musical talent in our studio today!  While cruising the parks with his video cam again, our resident straight guy hunter, Robbins, comes across a hot looking young dude strumming a guitar looking to pick up a few bucks by entertaing passerbys. So far the kid`s not doing so good as all he has to show for his day`s work is a measly $3.25 in his guitar case. After a little discussion, Caruso realizes that this guy isn`t operating the brightest spotlight on the stage and he knows he`s found his next Bait Buddies ``star``.

Before you know it, Robbins has this rock star wannabe, Mick, in the studio for a ``free`` photo shoot to help him with his ``career``. First, some legit pics are taken and then Robbins suggests something all rock stars do, pose without their shirt and then finally nude of course. This guy is really sweet and hot, but totally naive. By the way, he`s 20 years old, has blonde hair, hazel eyes and a smooth, beautiful body with some pretty tattoos and we find out quickly that he`s sporting a really, really fat dick. All this time our Bait guy, Connor, who was introduced as a model, has been sitting watching the action. Connor is a tall, beefy, built blonde with a really big cock. The kind of hottie that nobody`s throwing out of their bed anytime soon. Quick enough, Robbins is propositioning Mick to get into some sex with Connor, to which he replies ``No way. I`m not gay`` several times over. So, Robbins just closed the deal by telling Connor to start sucking Mick`s dick and see how it goes. It went real well and they even got Mick to suck his first cock...and a big one at that. When it came to the fucking it was tough to convince this straight boy to put his big, spongy piece of meat in another dude`s butt hole. He did try, but got real fighting angry when he could keep it up and was getting pretty disgusted with Robbins and this entire ``photo shoot`` bullshit. Well, you`ll have to watch the video to see how it all ends. If this video wasn`t so fucking hot, you`d almost feel sorry for what we did to this sweet, naive, aspiring rock star.