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Robbins was cruising the parks for more straight dick when he came across Tucker, the next door kid type, just naturally sexy and cute. Tucker was suspicious of the camera and wouldn't talk until Robins explained who he was and what he was looking for - basically a dude who would fuck on camera for a couple hundred bucks. Tucker was up for the challenge and showed up at the studio an hour later for his first porn shoot. He was introduced to Seth, one of our popular and bait hotties, as the dude he was going to double team a hot (non-existent) porn girl, 'Holly'. Both dudes work up some impressive wood, only to find out that 'Holly' called in sick. What to do? Let's pay Tucker double the money to have oral sex with a dude. Tucker balks, 'I don't do dudes', all that shit, but Caruso doesn't pay attention. He just tells Set to put his head near Tucker's dick and we'll 'see if you like it'. Before you know it, the deed is done and Tucker is so horny by now that he's not pulling away from a hot, wet bj. When Caruso tells Tucker it's his turn, the guy is confused and Caruso has to explain that the 'oral' action has to go both ways. It's just a matter of trying, kind of 'Try-Sexual'. It doesn't go so well at first, but once the guys convince Tucker to just let go and suck like he like a girl to suck him, it was like turning the switch on and Tucker went to town on Seth's thick, pretty cock. Next was fucking, Tucker just said 'should I do him like a chick?' Now how fucking hot is that? You can see the anticipation in Seth's eyes waiting to fucked by a straight guy like he'd fuck his girlfriend. Caruso let's him fuck Seth until he just about ready to cum and then turns the tables once again. 'Fucking', you got to top, now you have to bottom. It was painful at first, but eventually Seth took that straight dudes cherry and fucked the cum right out of him! Don't miss the 'After the Shoot' interview to see Tucker's reaction to this and just what he's going to tell his girlfriend about his try-sexual experience.