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``One Weiner at a Time``

Robins tells Sebastian, that's how we do them ''one weiner at a time''. And that's something Sebastian our Bait guy should know, because not long ago he was one of those Straight guys who we made do some very gay things. Sebastian tells us that during a very erotic conversation with his girlfriend she told him that she saw a gay porn video and loved it. So, he told her about the video he made for BaitBuddies.com and how he was sort of tricked into having sex with another dude. She was so turned on that it changed their sex life forever. They went from vanilla sex to strap-on and threesomes with girls and guys and Sebastian has never been happier.

So, now Sebastian is back and ready to bait our next Straight guy, Nate, a really cute, 6`, 160lb dude with a great body, tattoos and a really beautiful 8.5`` uncut cock. Nate loves to show it off and is admittedly an exhibitionist whose cock gets rock hard when he pulls it out in front of a room full of people. Nate is here for what he thinks is an interview to be in a porn video. Before you know it we have him stripped down and working it up for a screen test while he`s sitting right next to a rock hard Sebastian whose mouth is watering for a taste of this hot straight boy. ``Well``, Robins says, ``how about doing a shoot right now?``  ``But there`s no girls`` replies Nate. We all know where this is heading as Robins suggests that Sebastian will suck Nate`s cock. Nate tells us he`s not into guys, but is pretty easily convinced with the offer of some cash to go along with things. Nate seems to be pretty open minded. He gets rock hard within seconds of Sebastian`s hot, wet mouth encasing his big dick. Not surprisingly, Nate is more than ready to change places and suck Sebastian - and it sure doesn`t look like his first blow job - but he swears it is. A sexy kissing session follows between the two hot boys and then Nate fucks the cum out of Sebastian - literally - the guy is covered - and then Nate adds his huge load to the pools of hot cum on Sebastian`s chest. Yes, we`ve done it again - one weiner at a time.