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``Storing up nuts for the winter.``

If you like tall, hung, handsome, straight guys - you`re gonna love this video. Bryson is fucking tall, 6`5`` of beautiful straight man with hot body and proportionally large cock. Robbins describes him as looking like a ``super hero`` and you can see that in the video - even more so in person when you can compare your height and size to his. Bryson thinks he`s in the studio for a preliminary interview to get into the porn biz - he has no idea what`s in store for him. We pair him up with a new Bait boy, Lucas, a cutie with a tight bod, bubble butt and big dick who raring to get his hands and mouth on some straight meat.

Robins gets both studs stripped down for a once over and then has them both watch some porn and get a hard-on to ``make sure they can get it up with another guy in the room``.  At that point Robbins tells the guys that they can get paid if they want to do some porn right on the spot. Of course it`s with each other and Bryson for one isn`t too happy about it. After the protests by Bryson of  ``I`m not gay``, we see Lucas getting his mouth on the straight boy`s large dick which seems to have a relaxing effect as that big boy slumps into the couch surrendering to the erotic blow job - his first from another dude. Robins then pushes the action forward and talks Bryson, who of course protests, into sucking our Bait`s big cock. And he does a damn good job of it. Next is the fucking, now Bryson really, really doesn`t want to do this and Robins asks him just to try. He does finally penetrate Lucas`s big bubble butt, but he just doesn`t like it and everyone was taken aback when Bryson pulls out and goes postal. You`ll have to watch the scene to see just how close were to calling 9-1-1.  Finally, Robins calmed him down and talked him into finishing the scene with more of that enjoyable blow job he was receiving from Lucas. What a hot ending! Bryson tells Lucas he`s getting close, so Lucas starts jacking that big cocked stud until he shoots a huge creamy white load on his own belly. It was very erotic. Then Lucas leans over Bryson and starts jacking off and prepares to cum on straight dude`s chest. Lucas just stares at Bryson`s body, his still hard dick and all that cum and soon he`s moaning and letting off a big load of his own all over Bryson`s chest. Bryson is left covered with two loads of cum and a ton of sex sweat. Robins remarks ``you must`ve been storing those nuts up for winter``!