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``How to come on to a Straight guy.``

The title for this week`s video was a tough choice. It might`ve been ``Everyone wants to be a porn star``. Because when Robin`s asks our hot, blond straight guy why he wants to be in porn, that was his reply. And he said, ``I`m hung like a porn star, I look like a porn star and I fuck like a porn star``. Cocky fucker, isn`t he? But, he does actually live up to all! A second choice for the title would`ve been ``The grower and the shower`` since each of this video`s hotties had a surprise in store for us. Alex, our straight guy, takes down his pants and our collective mouth`s hung open - that boy was already displaying 8+, maybe 9 inches of hot, hard, ready-to-go cock. He said he already had a boner just sitting in the waiting room in anticipation! Then our Bait guy Mike unzips and he`s sporting what you might call an average size soft cock. But, with a little stroking and looking at Alex`s meat, he quickly grows to almost 9 inches of rock, hard dick also! The third title, ``How to come on to a Straight guy``, was this week`s choice. But, you`ll have to watch ``After the Shoot`` to find out why. Enjoy!