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``Porn 101``

The bell just rang, the students are seated and Robins and Caruso are ready to teach another freshman class of aspiring porn stars. The class is Porn 101, the topic ``Advanced Study of Sexuality`` and today`s students are Lee & Jake.  Lee is a Straight 25 year old country boy from Minnesota who loves hunting, fishing, billiards and fucking fit girls with big boobs. He`s a hottie at 6`2`` with blue eyes, a smooth, muscled body with a 8`` cut, thick cock. Jake, the other student loves going to the beach and watching movies. He considers himself bi and likes anything cute and any hole, mouth, pussy butt. He`s a happy go lucky dude who`s tall and slender, with blue eyes, a smooth tight body and beautiful 7.5`` cock. Today`s class covers the three most important elements of being a porn star - getting hard, using lube, using condoms and busting a nut. Robins also explains how to use a cock ring as we watch Lee following along while trying to stuff his huge cock into one for the first time - and he wears it quite well.

Part two of the class is putting their new knowledge into practical use - but in a way that Lee, our straight boy, never expected. Lee is hesitant to let another boy play with his penis, but once he`s hard and his dick is doing the thinking he just goes along with it all. It turns out that he`s an ``A`` student and completes all the course requirements. He sucks his first dick and even gets fucked for the first time - right on top of his desk! OK, now close your books, watch the video and get ready for a pop quiz!