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``Can you hear me now?``

Poor Chase, our blond, blue eyed 21 year old Bait boy with an 8`` cock is a surfer and muscle car enthusiast who today can`t hear a fucking thing. He recently had an ear infection and his ears are temporarily clogged as they heal. Of course our director, Robins, can`t help but have some fun with him as he goes from a whisper to almost screaming at the poor kid. Chase takes it all in good spirit and anyway, he`s more interested in  getting his hands on some hot straight boy - something he`s a bit addicted to. And man is he in for a welcomed surprise, because our straight dude is a total stud. Liam is a first timer. He`s 20 and stands 6`4`` with 190lbs on his very beefy frame. He has piercing green eyes, black hair, a great smile topped off with a perfect 8.5`` cock. And apparently he knows how to use it - and gets his share of babes they way he tells it. He loves to hang out at clubs with his fake ID and pick up chicks as often as possible. This dude is as straight as they come!

Cut to the two guys on the couch in the studio. Liam is telling the director that his wiener is pretty big - and that we`ll think it`s pretty big when we see it. And, that is the truth - stripped naked, with two big hard schlongs, this is one of the hottest straight-bait duos we`ve ever seen. Robbins then broaches the subject of doing a video with only the two guys and Liam isn`t happy. He makes it clear that he`s there for the chicks and the money and says ``I`m totally straight.`` It took a while and a bit of money to get him agree to get head from our now drooling Bait guy. When Chase goes down on him he hides his eyes with his arm, but his dick tells another story as it gets rock hard - what a beautiful thing to see. Now it`s time for the flip and Liam just doesn`t want to do it and Robins has to convince that he`s not gay if he sucks a dick. He bought it and did a pretty good knob job slurping away at Chase's big 8.  Next it`s time to fuck. Liam will absolutely not fuck another dude even when Robins went up to quadruple the money. So, he agreed that Chase could finish him with a blow job. The finale is amazing. Both dudes jacking their big cocks laying next to each other on the couch.  When Liam gets close, Chase puts his head down on the dude`s stomach and waits to get hit in the face - and he gets spooged but good on his face and in his mouth. This sets Chase off and he blows a huge load all over Liam - some blew past Liam`s shoulder and landed on the couch - this boy was hot to get off.  Chase lays on the couch breathing hard with the biggest smile we`ve seen on his face yet. When we asked him, he admits that he thinks he likes sex with guys. He goes into more details about this and it`s very, very hot. Watch it in the ``After the Shoot`` which you can find at the end of the video.