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"I Love Porn"

Those words, "I Love Porn", are emblazoned across Kyle's t-shirt and you can believe what it says. Kyle is straight, outgoing and has a very kinky side as we find out early on when this, cute and funny dude tells us his current favorite porn genre is "girl clown porn" where the chick dresses up as a clown and gets fucked. He was a little surprised when he found out we never heard of it - oh well, what ever floats yer boat. On the other end of the couch is another straight dude, Jackson, but he is quite the opposite, the brooding type with not much to say. And when asked the same question about the type of porn he likes, the answer was rough sex - pulling the chick's hair and watching her choke on a big cock. He doesn't like to watch porn where the guy has a small dick, because he thinks the girl is faking it and can only get turned on by thick long dick like his own 8" monster. The contrasts between these two hot straight boys doesn't end at their attitudes or the porn they like. While Kyle is a dark hair, brown eyed cutie with a beautiful body, big cock, bubble butt and lots of body hair, Jackson has light brown hair, blue eyes, an almost identical body to Kyle, big cock - although thicker, but is as smooth as Kyle is hairy.

Both boys are in the studio for a threesome and believe they will be doing a DP (double penetration) with a hot Latina. Being that both are straight, Caruso must be on his game to get them to have gay sex. Well, they've both worked up huge boners and are more than ready for some pussy when they get the bad news - the girl can't make it and there's nobody else available on short notice. In order to make money the only option is for them to "interact" - our favorite word for fucking around with each other. Kyle is already pulling his pants on and Jackson is grumbling. Kyle is truly broke and decides he'll do it for a little more money then we were already offering and then unwittingly fills the role of a bait guy by putting the pressure on Jackson so that they can both make some really needed cash. Kyle wants to know what they have to do, he asks "a Dutch rudder?" - we had no idea what that was and were afraid to ask (Google it - or watch the movie to see). Caruso tells them to get started by jacking each other off - and the two of them look really hot doing it. It's so innocent that it kind of brings back the younger days of ones first time experimenting with gay sex. From there we ask Kyle, being the most open minded, to suck Jackson's thick meat and soon Jackson is returning the favor. Since Kyle told us that sometimes when his girlfriend is sucking his cock, towards the end she sticks a finger into his butthole and it intensifies the cum. So, we ask him if he's willing to try some butt play. Before you know it, Jackson has big, thick dildo slicked up and entirely inside Kyles hot butt. From there we move to the real thing and for the first time we see Jackson smiling while enthusiastically fucking the crap out of Kyle who seems to be liking it a little too much. Kyle was getting sore, so we gave him a break and told him to get on his back on the couch and jack off a load while Jackson stood above him doing the same. Once Kyle shoots all over himself, Jackson goes wild on his big fat cock and is soon shooting a huge, hot load of sperm all over Kyles face and into his mouth - WE LOVE PORN too!