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"I kissed a boy."

He kissed a boy and we think he really liked it even though our straight guy Cameron was hesitant to say it. Anyway, who wouldn't love kissing our hot Bait boy, Ty, with his handsome face, beautiful chest, great butt and legs and perfect 7" cock? Here's how it all happened. About three weeks ago Caruso gets a call from a young woman who claims to be a fan of the site (we check our records and sure enough she is). She says she really gets off on straight guys having sex with another dude and goes on to tell Caruso that her boyfriend always wanted to do porn and the only way she'll let him do it is if it's with another guy. She sends her boyfriend Cameron to meet with Caruso. He's good looking, a little on the slender side, but for sure very straight and very sincere and of course sexy. He was hesitant, but agreed for his "wild sex crazed" girlfriend's sake to have his first sexual experience with another guy on video for BaitBuddies.com.

Both guys are ready to go and Caruso tells our Bait boy Ty to take the lead. Ty slowly strips Cameron's shirt, jeans and underwear, gets on his knees and engulfs Cameron's very nice cock to the root. Cameron throws his head back and we know he's on the way. Ty stands up and pulls Cameron in for a kiss, he's a bit repulsed and pulls back, Ty won't have it and goes back in. Next thing you know they're making out like high school sweethearts - Ty had let himself go and was totally in the experience - you just had to look at his still hard cock for the proof. It's now Cameron's time to suck Ty's fat 7 incher and he's not doing so great at the start. He needs some pointers - no teeth - suck and use your tongue on the head, etc. In the end he does a decent job, but you could tell sucking cock wasn't anything he was thrilled with. Then we give Cameron a go at Tyler's gorgeous, firm, bubble butt. And once he penetrates that beauty he's in like Flynn. You can tell by his expression and words that he's loving this part and could go on forever except for that fact that he tells us he needs to cum - and he does as Ty strokes his cock with his big manly hand until the boy shoots his load. Then Ty jacks himself off and he can see Tyler is watching intently and he says "so straight boy, you like watching me jack of" to which Cameron just mumbles something like "it's OK". We think this experience was much more than OK for Cameron, we think he fucked a boy and liked it...and we know his girlfriend didn't mind.