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h50dano (02/10/12)
These guys are fucking hot!! I like that their taking baby steps, now I just want to see them take it!! With each other of course.


'Sandbox Buddies: Sharing Their Toys' Part 2 of 4

The story continues with both boys arriving at the studio with Michael scraped and cut from a motorcycle accident on their way in. Michale strips down and shows off the damage and demonstrates how Caruso doctored him up with some antiseptics and bandages, but all we're looking at is his hot, natural, sexy straight boy body. With both stripped down they start with a refresher in mutual cocksucking. Soon after they begin exploring each others virgin buttholes, first with some rimming and then with a dildo and finally they both impale their formerly unexplored holes on a dual headed dildo and simultaneously hump their butts causing the dildo to fuck each other while they jack off and very erotically shoot their loads. The reality of the scene is mind blowing and will certainly get the most hardcore straight guy lover to lose his load. Two more parts of the documentary featuring their first fuck will be released next.

This is part two of a four part documentary 'Sandbox Buddies' which follows the sexual progression of two real, straight, lifelong buddies who decide to experiment with gay sex in exchange for cold hard cash. The documentary videos shot by producer Caruso feature porn newcomers Michael Keys and Evan Mercy who moved from Kentucky where decent jobs were scarce, to South Florida in the hopes of finding better opportunities.

'They are truly best friends since childhood - in their words 'Best friends since the sand box', said Caruso. 'These two are characters for sure and their banter with each other is at times very funny. They are both straight...but very willing to explore with each other as long as they could make a lot of money in a short time'. For the first part of the documentary Caruso breaks them in lightly by having them mutually jack each others cocks, then moves on to oral and shooting their cum on each other. Both are 21 years old, great looking with tight bodies and exude sexuality.

They have been best friends since they were 10 years old. As kids they were always together and for a period of time Evan lived with Michael and his family. They have been through a lot together and recently they both ventured out on their own and left Kentucky to see if life would be better for them in South Florida. Michael came to Florida first and found a job as a male stripper in a gay club - about one month later Evan followed. However, Evan says he is too shy to dance. The two of them answered an ad for models and came into the Bait Buddies studio in the hopes of shooting with 'some hot girls' not knowing that the site was really about 'Making Straight guys do Gay things'.

In need of fast cash, they were willing to do this four part documentary, starting with the mutual jack off and oral session, moving on to some toy play in their second session and escalating to fucking by the final installments. They figured it would be better to do it with each other rather than someone they did not know. Both are sexually adventurous and have had many sexual experiences where they have had 3-ways with girls. They did admit to jacking off while watching porn together in the past, but had never touched each other until they were in front of Caruso's cameras. When asked if they would continue this sexual experimentation with each other outside of the studio, they said no. In the end, when asked if one of their girlfriends wanted to see them do stuff with each other would they do it? They said....probably if it was for a girl.