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''Turned Out''

''Bait Buddies turned me out'' - that's a direct quote from hot, straight, Latino Marxel. Marxel is back for his third video. The first time he was expecting pussy, but got dick. He was so pissed that after the shoot he told Caruso that he never wanted to work for him again. Caruso called him to do a second video thinking Marxel would just hang up, but instead Marxel said he was actually curios to try it again. By the third time he was so anxious to hook up with a dude that when he sees the big, beefy, dirty blond, muscle boy Jake he has an instant boner...and he's anxious to get that boy's 8'' cock in his mouth and his butt. This is also Jake's third video. In his first video Jake also expected some female snatch and had no idea that cock was coming his way, in the second video he became interested in experimenting with guys and had Caruso set up a video shoot in his dorm room with his straight roommate. So, now this very handsome stud Jake is back - bigger and beefier and hunkier than ever and with his now long dirty blond hair and his unshaven face he's the total package. These two studs suck and fuck with abandon and we're sure you'll love every minute.