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'The 3-way'

Just a couple of weeks ago, the pieces fell into place for the first BaitBuddies.com 3-way. Here's how it all came down in Caruso's own words. Don't miss it!

''In the continuing exploration of Joe Parker I decided to pair him with Steven Ponce, a favorite Bait guy here. Steven has had the hots for Joe since he first laid eyes on him, but since Joe had already been baited into having gay sex by the amazing Dean Monroe, I was not sure if I could make Steven's wish come true. Well, after Joe's recent oral scene with Nikko Alexander I thought he might be willing to try and do a little group action. So, I asked Steven if he would be willing to do a 3-way and get fucked by Joe and help me convince another straight guy to also fuck him. Of course Steven was on board being the insatiable bottom that he is. So, I had Steven and Joe agreeing to do a 3-way and now all we had to do is convince our new straight guy Hayden to join in on the fun. Well, you just have to see how things unfold in this most amazing 3-way here at BaitBuddies!''