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"Football, Peyton and Broncos"

Well, we don't have Peyton the famous quarterback, but we do have our very own Peyton and he's a very straight, 22, 6'4", 245lb beefy, muscular football player who fucks like a bucking bronco. He's here to do some pussy porn for Caruso, his girlfriend drove him and she's waiting outside for him...but we think she's waiting mostly the cash. Our Bait guy is new, and at 19 Chase has boyish looks with a deep voice, a nice body, a 7.5 inch cock and just loves big straight men. He tells us about a recent hookup with a straight military dude and that he can't wait to set his eyes on this big hunk of a man Caruso tells him about. Peyton enters the room and nobody is disappointed - this is what you'd expect to see in a football team's locker room with a towel barely wrapped around, and to top it off he's handsome and has a killer smile that seems ever present and just lights up the room. Getting down to business, Caruso tells the guys that the girl didn't show and that if they want to make money they would have to do something with each other. Peyton isn't happy about this and doesn't want to do it. Caruso moves him along in his thinking. Maybe he should talk to his girlfriend first? On second thought he realizes that's a bad idea knowing her for only two months. But, he wants the money, but he tells us that she can't find out.

Peyton has no idea how to have sex with a dude, so Chase has no choice but to take matters in hand - which he literally does by stroking the big hunk's cock. Peyton responds quickly and becomes hard at which point Chase puts Peyton's hand on his own cock - Peyton quickly withdraws. So, Chase does the next best thing and crawls up to those massive athletic thighs and goes down on Peyton's cock. Peyton  pushes Chase's head down deep and he takes it like a pro. We notice that Peyton has his eyes intently focused on Chases bubble butt and we know what he's thinking. Without missing a beat, Caruso tells Peyton to get a rubber and fuck the dude. And so it goes, Chase gets the fucking of a lifetime from this bronco busting football player, he can't take his eyes off of Peyton - and finally shoots a load all over himself while moaning in Ecstasy. Peyton yanks off the condom, squeezes his eyes shut as to transport himself to another scene (with girls we suppose) and jacks off a load of spooge on Chase's chest, appearing to have fulfilled the final part of Chase's straight guy fantasy. When asked about an explanation to his waiting girlfriend, Peyton replies "never happened". Oh, but it did and it's all here for you to see!