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'Weird Scene'

Actually, it's not the scene that's so weird, but it was a weird scene for one of this week's straight guys, Seth. We know that, because he sure says ''It's weird!'' enough times. Yes, we get it - fucking around with another dude is weird for a straight guy. Weird or not, it seems that both guys have a pretty good time making this video. We pair porn newbie Seth with straight rocker dude Brenden who had his first brush with gay sex in the recent BaitBuddies video 'Brenden & Steven'. Brenden had called Caruso looking for work. He said that his girlfriend had seen his BaitBuddies video and since then she has been experimenting on his butthole with her tongue, fingers, butt plugs and dildos...oh my! And, that with his hole stretched pretty good and liking the feeling, he was ready to bottom for the very first time. Little did he know that he'd be confronting a 6'4'' straight basketball player with a thick 9'' cock. Brenden doesn't seem too worried though, so Caruso remarks ''I guess your girlfriend has been using some pretty big toys on you'' - which Brenden affirms.  Now we have only one more obstacle - can we get Seth to cooperate?

Caruso let's the boys know that 'Cynthia', the female model, is a no-show and the only way to make money is for them to do a little boy on boy action. Brenden is all smiles, he is anxious to get that 9'' fuck stick up his butt hole. But, upon hearing that he'd has to have gay sex, Seth stands up and is ready to flee, but Caruso rationalizes with him and in the end, the money talks and Seth is ready to give a try. There is some mutual stroking then some cock sucking. Unfortunately Seth isn't down for kissing, so Caruso moves them along to fucking. By this time Seth is way too hot and horny to turn anything down. One look at Brenden's hot bubble butt and his cock is wrapped and lubed and at the entrance to Brenden's newly inaugurated tunnel, ready to cut the ribbon and take the first ride. All 6'4'' of Seth, plus his 9 inches of cock pounds Brenden in places he never new he had. So, it doesn't take very long for Brenden to shoot his load all over his torso, followed by an arc of pulsing cum from straight boy Seth which lands on Brenden combining with his freshly shot load. We don't think there's anything weird about that!