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''Help me out, bro.''

If you like 'em young, you're looking at the right video, this is about two teenagers recently out of high school. Luke is our 18 year old Bait with a fit, compact body and great legs from playing football in high school. Brad is our Straight guy, he's only 19, but you wouldn't know it to look at his muscular, hairy bod and great set of legs, also a result of being a high school football star. Brad's never done anything like this before, he has a girlfriend and says she thinks he's out on a modeling job.  Whereas Luke is no stranger to porn as he's done some work for Caruso before, he's also a stripper at a local Ft Lauderdale club and he loves nothing more than to get his hands on a straight dude. Brad is introduced to Luke and Caruso asks the preliminary questions and then tells the guys to strip down and get hard while he goes and fetches the day's pussy. Of course she's a no show and Caruso explains to the boys that their only other opportunity to make money is to do something with each other. Well, Brad is having nothing to do with that sort of thing. He's up and ready to walk. So, both Caruso and Luke have to talk him down. They do a good job as finally Brad gives in - but with a warning - if he doesn't like, he's out and he means it. We start off slow with Luke giving Brad a hand job. Luke tries to move Brad's hand to his own cock, but Brad will not touch another dude's cock. Next Luke starts to suck Brad's cock which our straight guy seems to like. But, when it's Brad's turn to return the favor he tells us there's two things he CAN'T do, fly or suck a cock. So, Caruso lets it slip and has the guys stand and face each other to 'see whose dick is bigger', but of course the real reason is to give Luke an opportunity to do some kissing. And that he does. We were surprised that Brad gave in and almost appeared to get into it. Next was fucking. It took a bit to convince Brad, but a butt is a butt, male or female and he was in. He points his cock toward the vicinity of Luke's butthole looking a little lost and despairingly says ''help me out, bro''. So, Luke quickly puts Brad's big 8 inch cock just where he wants it and Brad fucks him just like he fucks his girlfriend. The scene ends with both dudes on the couch jacking off, Brad's head leans against Luke's thigh and both shoot hot loads. ''Help me out, bro'' and we say ''Anytime!!!''