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Have you ever wondered about the ''Become A Model'' link at the bottom of all our web pages?  Does anyone ever use it to send BaitBuddies.com their nude photos, their stats - like cock size, the kind of sex they like, etc? You bet they do, we get several each week. And you might be surprised at how cute, handsome, built, hung and hot most of them are. Many are porn virgins, but all have one thing in common...they love sex. In this video you'll meet one of them and his name is Matthew. He is 27, 5'11'', 160lbs, has hazel eyes, a shaved head, and a thick 7'' cut cock. In his application he tells us that he loves straight guys, especially built Latino dudes with big cocks. Well, he not only gets a job as a bait boy, but he hits the jackpot when Caruso pairs him with his fantasy man, Darius.  Darius is a really cute, built, and straight 20 year old Latino boy who stands at 5'10'', 170lbs with a big, thick and perfect 9'' cut cock and a bubble butt to die for.  He also loves sex, but with girls who have big tits and a big booty.

Darius is introduced to Matthew who he believes is there to join him in the threesome with a girl. Darius is more than ready. He and Matthew strip down, watch some pussy porn and work their cocks up - neither boy disappoints in the cock department. But when Caruso announces that the girl didn't show and the only alternative is in short - gay sex. And when Darius hears this he picks up his briefs and is on the way out the door until Matthew pipes up and says ''I'm broke and I need the money'' and Caruso is able to convince Darius that it's no big deal .  We guess Darius needed the cash too, as he gives in very quickly after that. Matthew starts off slow just jacking Darius' big beautiful cock, which plumps a bit, but doesn't get hard until he gets on his knees and starts sucking that big boy. Next is a little frot play and a short, but very hot make out session initiated my Matthew. Then Matthew crouches over a seated Darius and takes all nine hard inches up his butt in one shot - without even the slightest grimace. By now Darius just wants to get off as he humps his big Latino cock into Matthew. As the heat rises, Matthew is ready to take it lying down.  Darius, being used to fucking girls, takes it easy on Matthew. But, Matthew keeps saying ''fuck me harder - harder'' and Darius just starts fucking the cum right out of him. Then he rips off his rubber and shoots his own load on Matthew's stomach. The sweaty and cum drenched boys head off to the showers. After the Shoot, Caruso asks Darius ''How was it for you?'' and Darius stumbles over possible answers, obviously wanting to avoid saying that he liked it, and finally replies ''He had a do''.