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'Three Thumbs Up'

Our returning 19 year old Bait boy, Luke, is sitting on the couch giving Caruso a two thumbs up, because today he will get a chance to fuck around with his 'questioning' straight buddy. Like Luke, our 18 year old straight guy, Hunter, is a cute blond boy with a smooth, slender, fit body and like Luke, he's hung pretty well too. From what Luke has told us, Hunter has bottomed before - except he bottomed for a girl with a strap on and apparently liked it. When Luke tells Hunter about an opportunity to make a porn video with him, Hunter is pretty sure it's with a girl...but oh no, this is BaitBuddies.com, and if you're doing a video with us you can be pretty well assured that your partner will be another dude. Caruso decides not to pussy foot (pardon the expression) around with Hunter, so he comes right out and tells Hunter what the deal is. It takes just a little convincing for Hunter to let his buddy suck his meaty 7.5'' cock, and just another nudge to get Hunter to return the favor - but not before a short make out session between the boys. Finally, Hunter shoves his cock up his buddy's hole and fucks him real good. But before he can finish, Caruso turns the tables and convinces Hunter since he already has had a dildo fucking by a girlfriend, why not try the real thing. He does and Luke is in heaven - after all, how many of us get to fuck our straight buddies - whether they're curious or not?  After Luke has a fucking crazy orgasm and shoots his load on his bud's belly, he puts both thumbs up with his still hard cock in the middle - and that's what you call 'Three Thumbs Up'!