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''Just the Tip''

'Just the tip', that's what our sexy, cute, bait boy, Krys, said to entice our straight guy to suck his first cock. Krys is back two years from when he was baited into having first time gay sex with another dude. His girlfriend at the time became quick history as Krys went out to explore his other side and he's never looked back. He's very straight in appearance so to see him and hear him you'd think he'd still be fucking pussy - and he does occasionally, but he loves picking up straight guys, hunky ones, sucking dick and not too long ago added bottoming to his repertoire. So, he's happy to return to BaitBuddies to get fucked by a straight guy...and get paid for it. Krys has let his hair grow and with the extra two years in age, he's now 23, he's really a looker. Our straight guy, Danny, is manly, has a great personality, really nice body and face and a thick 7'' cock - he measured it. Danny is here to fuck pussy. He's had a 3-way with a girl and another dude before, so this is nothing new. Both bros are watching porn, stroking and talking pussy for a while when Caruso returns and tells them that he can't get a girl for the shoot. When Caruso suggests an alternate way to earn a paycheck, Danny can't believe his ears. Sex with another dude - no way! But, he is up against Caruso and Krys, and we are surprised at how aggressive Krys is with Danny. Krys says he needs the money, and before you know it he's reaching for Danny's now soft cock. As Krys strokes the dude and tells him ''just close your eyes - imagine a girl,'' Danny says to him ''Just don't talk''. You'll hear these same phrases repeated by the guys throughout the video - it's kinda funny. When it's Danny's turn to suck Krys' cock, Danny just doesn't want to do it. Krys finally says ''just the tip'', it's like when a dude says to a girl - I'll just stick the tip in - LOL - we know where that leads. And, this is no different. Before the video is over, Danny has sucked Krys and finally fucks Krys in a few different positions.  Krys yells out ''I'm cumming - fuck me!'' and blows his load on his belly. Danny pulls off his rubber and shoots so hard that it hits Krys in the face - and if you watch closely you'll see Krys open his mouth to see if he can catch some of that cum - watch him stick out his tongue and lick up whatever little he can!