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''Curiosity got the good lookin' cat.''

Damian, a 26 year old stud with caramel skin, a hot body and big thick cock, is our straight boy in this video. It's his very first porno and he's excited about getting his hands on a hot 'girl' porn star. He thinks he'll be doing a DP scene with super stud, 26 year old Gavin, who with his thick dirty blond hair, handsome face, big thick 8'' cock and flawlessly muscular body is a very popular bi porn star. When Caruso delivers the crushing news that the girl can't make it today, Damian appears be unhappy since he's all hot and bothered and ready to dip his big fat cock into some hot wet pussy. Well Caruso has some alternative ideas of where that gorgeous cock can go and there's no girl involved. When Caruso asks Damien if he ever thought about doing something with another dude, he says ''I'm a little curious''. When asked to explain, Damian says that he's admired hot guys, but never thought about sex. We think he's just a little deceptive with that answer. When you get to the end of the video you'll see that BaitBuddies.com seems to be just what Damian was looking for. When the two studs get together, the sex heats up really fast - how can it not when you have two sexy, horned up dudes who have been watching porn together - the pot just boiled over. And after swapping hand jobs, kissing, blow jobs and fucking, both boys shot real big loads, Gavin all over our cocktail table and Damian all over Gavin. In the end, Damian said that he really got into it and that Gavin was a ''good lookin' cat''. The moral of this story (if there is any) ''curiosity got the good lookin' cat''!