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''Beiber Fever''

No, this video has nothing to do with the famous pop star, but the similarities to our new Bait boy Hunter don't go unnoticed. Like the celebrity, he's newly legal - just turned 18 years old, has a similar build, haircut and from what we've seen of those stolen laptop pics - he's also hung real good at 9". And if we believe those pics are for real, I guess that only difference in their tools is that Hunter is cut. As far as sexuality goes, we can't say anything about the star, but we can tell you that Hunter is a very gay, very hot bottom who will tell you that he loves when the top goes 'long and deep' and we're not talking football here. Hunter has a thing for hot (especially straight) Latino men with big cocks who can throw a rough fuck. And Caruso serves that up on a platter in this scene with a new straight dude, Damian, a handsome young 23 year old Latino boy with a real nice bod, a 7'' cock and for those of you who love 'em, a set of huge low hangers. While Caruso checks on the 'girl', the boys are jacking side by side and talking about their upcoming scene and how anxious they are to dip into some hot, wet pussy. Let's skip the next part - we all know what happened - and jump right to the sex. There's nothing like watching two cute guys with big cocks jacking each other and that's how the scene proceeds, until Hunter gets horned up and enthusiastically goes down on his new Latin buddy. When it's Damian's turn, he goes right to town on Hunter's huge cock. After a few minutes it dawns on Hunter that this is not Damian's first time. Damian admits he tried it once with a buddy, but didn't like it. But, he sure did love Hunter's cock. And when it came to fucking, Hunter penetrates Damian's tight hole and starts pumping. It doesn't take long for Hunter to tell us that he's so turned on he's ''sweating'' and tells Damian he wants it harder, rougher and deeper. We don't think Damian was rough enough for Hunter, but when you see the huge load that spurts out of his huge cock, the only conclusion you'll come to is that the boy really liked getting fucked by this hot Latino. In the end, we find out that Damian wasn't all that truthful in his interview - he had sucked a couple of cocks before, but tells us that unlike those others, he really liked Hunter's...who wouldn't? So, get your IPhone, click on ''Baby'' and jack off to this very sexy video!