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''Circus Maximus:Taming the Beast''

In ancient Roman times the Circus Maximus was a huge stadium built for chariot racing. But the circus was also host to a number of religious festivals, games, gladiator fights, plays, recitals and the 'Beast Hunt'. Well, Caruso found his 'Maximus', a straight Latino guy, and his beast, a fat uncut 11'' cock! And, when Maximus strips down to show off his ripped muscled body and huge cock, our Bait boy, Aiden, was ready to tame that 'Beast'. It has been this 23 yr old Wisconsin boy's fantasy to have sex with a straight for a long time. But, it almost didn't happen. When Caruso tells Maximus that instead of pussy, he'd have to fuck around with Aiden, he thought Caruso was out of his mind. He reminds us that he's a straight dude who juggles multiple girlfriends and he has no intention of doing anything gay. Maximus gets up and grabs his clothes - ready to walk out - but Caruso calms him down and along with Aiden convinces Maximus to give it shot. After all they tell him, it's a lot of money and everybody has lots of bills to pay. Before Maximus can change his mind, Aiden is quick to grab and stroke that giant beast of a cock. Then he starts sucking that big thing and gets all 11'' down his throat. Maximus is a bit tentative when he takes Aiden's cock in his mouth, he's really not into it and would rather fuck the boy's cute, firm bubble butt. And so it goes - Aiden hovers over the beast and let's it sink into his hole right up to the root and humps it for all it's worth. It doesn't take long for Aiden to flip on his back as he lets Maiximus fuck him to orgasm. Maximus follows close behind adding his own hot, creamy load to Aidens. Fantasy fulfilled, the 'Beast' has been tamed!