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''Tingly Wingly''

Blond, nice bod and an 7'' cock, our returning Bait boy MJ Taylor is back and he's brought some company with him.  MJ's high school buddy John Borg claims to be straight, has a girlfriend and has always known that MJ is gay (like who doesn't) - he doesn't have much going for him at the moment. As an amateur race car driver he had recovered from a track accident that ripped him up and since has had a hard time finding work in that field. He's now almost desperate to make some money as he hasn't worked in a while and feels like his 8'' cock; blond hair and blue eyes are enough to get him into the porn business. So, he contacts the one person he knows who does porn, gay porn, his buddy and our Bait boy MJ. He tells MJ that he wants to do straight porn, but MJ convinces him that there's more money in gay porn. So, he agrees to give it a try and says he feels better that it's with MJ, someone he's comfortable with. MJ contacted Caruso and here we are. Both guys are more than horny from being naked, watching porn and stroking their nice sized cocks, so it doesn't take long for the action to heat up starting with hand jobs. John says ''his cock feels good'' while stroking MJ - we know where this is going.  MJ then goes down on John's impressive 8'' piece of meat. John awkwardly returns the favor and with both boys totally horned up; they're ready for the fucking. John thought he'd be topping his friend, but boy was he wrong. He's having his cherry popped today. After a somewhat uncomfortable deflowering, MJ just fucks the spunk right out of his now very close bud and blows his load all over John. Afterwards, Caruso finds out that John really enjoyed the fucking. His buddy MJ asks him if he felt that ''Tingly in his wingly - you know like when you're getting fucked and it starts to tingle and you have to cum''. We don't have to explain that to you guys - do we? So, get a ''Tingly in your wingly'' and watch two good friends fuck for the first time. Hot cherry popping fun!