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''He put a ring on it.''

How many times have we seen a straight guy pull down his pants, flip out his big cock and balls and see that he put a ring on it? Well, never, but this straight guy, AJ, has the straight guy shaved pubes (they're always late to the party - gay guys are now back to au naturale) and is wearing a cockring. Caruso is a bit taken aback and asks ''why the ring?''.  AJ says he was preparing for the gang bang he was promised. In the long run, it makes no difference to us that this 6'1'' 24 year hold hunk wears a cock ring - it makes his almost 8'' thick cock get hard fast. AJ is one of these happy go lucky types, the guy you just like for no specific reason. He tells Caruso he thinks he'd be good for doing porn because of his good looks and his hot body. And, you know what - he's right! He has very short blond hair, a handsome masculine face that sports a great smile, a swimmers build with a great chest, long legs with big thighs and a cute bubble butt. Our gay bait boy, Sammy, who's getting paid to have sex with AJ, knows he's lucky to have shown up for this shoot, because the next time he gets something this hot, he'll be paying for it!  So, AJ, a former gymnast, is worked up, hard as a rock and horny to fuck when Caruso delivers the news that the girl didn't show. When offered double the money to have sex with Sammy he's pretty adamant about not doing it. It takes quite a bit of convincing for him to finally give in and give it a shot. Watch him back away and go ''eew, eew'' when Sammy grabs for his dick the first time. Yet, it doesn't take him long to get hard with Sammy slurping away on his cock. When it's his turn to suck Sammy's cock it's obvious that he not only didn't enjoy it, but is a terrible cocksucker - barely puts the thing in his mouth. Finally, he puts half of it in, gags and then stops. The kissing isn't going so well either. Every time Sammy tries to kiss him, he gets AJ's cheek, but finally there's just a little kissing which AJ doesn't much like. Even though those things don't go too well, when it comes to fucking, AJ is the pro he claims to be. He slips on the condom, sticks his big ass, straight boy cock up Sammy's butt and fucks that dude real good! He even gives Sammy a helping hand. Sammy finally blows a huge load, and as AJ fucks him harder, Sammy just keeps on cumming - splattering his entire chest from one end to the other. AJ pulls off the rubber and rubs one out that's as big as AJ's load as he splatters him up to the neck. So, would our straight boy do this again, Caruso asks? Sure enough, just let him put a ring on it!