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''Music to Our Ears''

Sexy Isaac Hard is back in the house as our Bait boy once again and he's got some exciting news! Isaac tells us that he's getting engaged to his current, very pretty (and very kinky) girlfriend and we're very happy for him. But, girlfreinds nor pussy for that matter is ever on our minds at BaitBuddies.com - it's new, young, straight cock that we're most interested in. And today we have a porn newbie from Boston named 'Nick Carter' who fits that description nicely.  He's certainly not a look alike for the boy band member, but he is straight like him, built like the young NC and does have the singer's blond hair and blue eyes. We don't know if the real NC has 8'' of cock like our boy, but word on the street is that it's a  pretty average piece.  Anyway, we're not here to make music, we are here to make our Nick Carter have gay sex. Isaac is horny and ready to rock, so both boys watch some pussy porn while Caruso goes to get the 'girl' who of course has been arrested for having public sex and can't make it. After Nick is convinced by Caruso and Isaac that there's no shame in try some sex with a dude (especially for double the money) - he reluctantly agrees. And as soon as Isaac grips Nick's big cock, the young dude looks a bit intimidated and says ''this never happened before'', even so, he doesn't stop the action. Before you know it, Isaac is on his knees with Nick's rock hard penis in his mouth and you can tell that Nick is very much enjoying his cock's virgin voyage into another dude's mouth. Next it's Nick's turn to suck cock - he didn't think it was part of the deal - but gives in and gets down to business. Caruso notices Nick's blowjob methodology and sees that the boy is watching the girl in the pussy porn videeo which is still running on a monitor in the studio, and copying her moves. It's pretty funny... but whatever works for ya. Now we see Isaac sit his cute bubble butt right down on Nick's eight incher and after it slips all the way in, he grinds and rides it. Nick is liking it, but Caruso can tell he's ready to get on top and pump that big tool into Isaac's hot, throbbing hole. At this point, it doesn't take long for Isaac to begin moaning loudly, his arm flailing with cock and hand shooting a hot load of cum on his hard, flat stomach. Nick then pulls out and jacks a load with the power and trajectory to leave a splattering of hot spunk all the way up on Isaacs shoulder. All said and done, our Nick Carter tells us that he enjoyed himself and would do it again. And that's music to our ears!