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''Good to the last drop!''

''I'll poke anything'' is Straight boy Blake's reply to Caruso's question ''how do you categorize yourself sexually'' - and this week he proves yet again, if he likes it, he'll hit it - guy or girl. Blake is a cute and cocky former Marine with a killer body and an 8.5'' cock who's making his first return appearance in two years. He had his first gay sex right here at BaitBuddies.com where he fucked another dude, then a couple of months later he returned to the studio only to have HIS cherry popped by a straight guy. He also tells Caruso that he still likes to work anal penetration into his hetero sex routine when the girl is cool with it.  In his first video we found out that Blake loves 'gingers', red head girls. When Caruso asks him  why, he jokes ''maybe it's the hair'' LOL. So, Caruso isn't surprised when Blake calls him out of the blue and asks if he and his buddy, a really red 'ginger' could do a video together. We soon find out that he met Cody while dating the boy's ginger cousin a ways back and that the two boys still hang out. Besides money, Caruso finds out that Cody had an ulterior motive for doing the video, he had seen (and we find out during the video, jacked off to) Blake's videos on BaitBuddies.com and has had a buddy crush on him for a long time. So, it was Cody who approached Blake to make a video for the 'money' as well as his lusting to get into his bud's pants. The meat of this scene is twofold, first the ''chancleta'', a term that Blake used, which in Spanish means flip-flop as in fucking - or chancletas as in the flip-flops you wear on your feet :-).  We start with gay boy Cody fucking his buddy (how hot is that) and then the chancleta where they switch places and Blake literally pounds ginger boy like a jackhammer - one of the hardest fucks we've ever seen on Bait Buddies. Cody is soon ready to cum which brings us to the second meatiest part of the video as the red head gets on his knees to finish his friend off with a blow job.  Cody tells Caruso that he's pretty much a cum whore and always wanted to swallow a load from his pal. Blake doesn't disappoint as he splatters the boy's face and mouth with his hot Marine spooge. Cody can't lap up enough and continues to suck every last bit of sweet juice, and we mean every last drop of cum out of Blake's beautiful, pink, 8.5'' cock - he even squeezes it to make sure he didn't miss any, because as we all know ''it's good till the last drop''. Don't miss ''After the Shoot'' as the boys joke around in the shower and Blake invites Caruso to join them!