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''Better than I Expected''

Muscle boy Drake Jaden is back on the couch on one of the BaitBuddies.com sets and Caruso is asking him about the wet spots on his t-shirt. Drake explains that it's precum dripping from his hard cock - the result of a hot dude with a gargantuan cock - who just so happens to be sitting next to him off camera. Drake tells Caruso that he met this sexy dude with the big schlong at a ''work function'' which we later find out is a porn convention of sorts, where there were lots of cocks, pussy and tits displayed by the participants as they danced and fucked around naked. Drake spots this boy at the event, walks up to him and straight out asks if he could suck his big, thick delicious looking cock. Unfortunately for Drake, this guy has a girlfriend who only allows him to have sex with girls or guys outside their relationship while he's on camera and getting paid for it - no freebies.  Drake is really hung up on this hot man, so who does he call - of course - Caruso!  This hot, well endowed guy we're talking about is James Hamilton who does both straight porn and gay4pay and he's a hottie from top to bottom. He's built, he's sexy and boy is he hung at a very thick 9.5 inches. So, Caruso doesn't waste any time making contact with James' agent and here they are ready for their first encounter. Drake pulls down the front of his shorts to show us the top of his dripping boner - the cause of those wet stains on his shirt, and then Caruso introduces James - and he is a hottie!  Caruso asks the boys few questions and then just tells them to go for it. These two hot dudes put on quite the show, nothing is off limits - watch as James pulls Drake in for some kissing, they then swap blow jobs and both boys have pretty big cocks to work with as Drake sports 8 inches of his own thick piece.  James tells Caruso ''He knows hot to suck a cock'' - of course Drake does, he's had lots of practice. The heat really turns up when Drake asks James to plow his muscle butt with that 9.5'' poker of his.  Drake is getting fucked doggy style and obviously can't get enough ''give it to me'' he moans as James pumps hard and fast into his big butt for several minutes. Then James pulls Drake over without removing his cock from the boy - Drake is now sitting on top of James who is laying on his back continuing to pound his fuck buddy's hole. Drake soon can't take any more and blows a big load, and when his cock stops pulsing cum he quickly removes his now sensitive asshole off of Jame's cock. This is Jame's queue to rip off his rubber and bust his own nut. Drake quickly gets down on his knees to receive the load on his face and mouth - and he doesn't have to wait long as James covers him in hot cum. That's when Drake surprises us and grabs Jame's cock and licks off and sucks out every last drop of his hot, creamy cum! Caruso asks him how it is and Drake answers ''Good cum, better than I expected''.