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''I'm Dreaming of a White Penis''

No really, that's what our Latino bait boy, Rey, says he likes about white dudes - he's crazy for straight white penis. And, Caruso is more than happy to provide a very white one from our new straight boy, Benn. Ben is 26 and at 6' tall, slender and very fair skinned, but there's one thing that's anything but slender on his body and that's his fat white dick - quite a handful or mouthful any way you look at it. This is in stark contrast to Rey, who stands a stocky and very muscular 5' 5'' and whose skin is several shades darker. Rey claims to have a 7'' cock, but we think he may have used a 'magic ruler' to come up with that number.  Benn is here to do some pussy porn and tells us he's loves Latina chicks - and of course we'll provide him with some hot Latin ass - but it's certainly not exactly what he's thinking. He says he's had three ways with a buddy and a girl and is willing to do a double penetration with his cock in the same hole at the same time as Rey's. Off we go as Caruso has the boys strip down and show their stuff. Benn's thick cock is already on the rise with Rey's following not far behind. Caruso tells them he's going to get the girl... he returns shortly with the news that due to a fetish festival mishap (that's a new one), the 'girl' has flogging marks on her and she isn't camera ready. And, with no other female replacements on the horizon, Caruso tells the guys that if they want to make money, their only option is to have sex with each other. Our straight boy Benn has an anguished look on his face and tells Caruso ''I'm not OK with this!'' and then looks at Rey and asks ''are you OK with this?'' He's asking the wrong person, since Rey is not only OK with it, he's horny and anxious to get that thick piece of meat up his hungry hole. Rey tells Benn that he needs the money and then kinda giggles that he also needs to get off. Caruso asks Benn if he has ever thought about being with a guy and Benn finally levels with us and says that he never did anything with his buddy during the three way except for some random touching, but was a bit curious. Need we say more? Caruso just tells Benn that this would be a good time to actually find out - and so it goes - as he agrees to give a shot.  Rey grabs the boy's fat cock and starts stroking it, but that doesn't satisfy him and he's soon on his knees with Benn's cock in his mouth. Benn is enjoying the service so much that he asks Rey ''have you done this before'' to which Rey slyly replies ''probably''.  In short order, Rey stands up and initiates a frot, cock to cock rubbing session and Rey just automatically joins in by grabbing both cocks and stroking them together. Rey soon moves in for a kiss and Benn abruptly pushes him off saying ''no, no'' - he was probably a bit shocked at the unannounced approach, because on Rey's second attempt, Benn accepts a little bit of smooching, but says it's a little too strange for him. Now it's Benn's turn to suck his first cock and he does a pretty good job which Rey later confirms. Caruso now moves him onto the fucking and has Rey present quite the big, hot, firm Latino bubble butt to Benn. Benn takes a look and feels it up a bit. He looks a little shocked, we think he expected it to jiggle like a chick's butt, but finds his new buddy's butt is a hot, firm piece of ass.  Benn rubbers up and shoves that thick tool right up Rey's now starving hole. Rey is taking it doggy style and keeps asking for it harder and Benn does not disappoint. Soon, Rey is on his back and Benn is pumping the hot Latino's bubble butt like there's no tomorrow until Rey moans and shoot a big load onto his own torso as the dripping bright white liquid creates quite a contrast with Rey's beautiful tan skin. Now Benn pulls off his rubber and jacks his own load which joins Rey's still dripping cum deposit on his belly. We next get to see both boys interact in the shower where Rey does muscle poses for us showing off his big arms, pecs, six pack and legs - not to mention those cute fucking dimples. Please enjoy this week's feature with Benn & Rey.