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''It's For a Good Cause''

Derek, a 24 year old, straight country boy from Vermont is pretty plain looking until you see what's underneath his clothes. At 6'1'' his body is made for sex, he has a long fit torso lightly dusted with hair, which tapers to a narrow waist. He has long hairy legs with fabulous thighs, nice feet and a cute as hell bubble butt. He credits his fitness to a stint in the military where he served in Iraq. His cock, what can we say about a perfect 9'' cock, thick and cut and just right for sucking and fucking.  His personality is pretty laid back and quiet, but when he does say something, it's obvious he also has a great sense of humor. Caruso explains to him that he'll have to get up and close with Andreas, our Puerto Rican bait boy, to do a double penetration, and Derek says he's OK with it since ''it's for a good cause'' - which cracks Caruso up. Speaking of our bait boy Andreas - he's 29, has a stocky build with a beefy butt, thick thighs, and a 7'' uncut cock. Andreas is from Miami and loves to get fucked by big straight dicks - so he's really happy about being paired up with Derek.  Both boys strip down and prove to Caruso that they can get hard and maintain a boner while on camera - so he tells them that he's now going to go upstairs to get the girl. Caruso returns with the sad news that the girl fell over her kid's skateboard and can't work and that he is unable to find a replacement. So, he offers them an alternative, a chance to double their money by having sex with each other and the boys obviously have very different reactions. While Andreas indicates his willingness by saying  ''I have bills to pay'', Derek on the other hand, picks up his clothes and says ''NO, HELL NO!'' and inquires of Andreas, ''are you up for this'' and Andreas repeats, ''I got bills to pay''. Derek is shocked ''really, really'', Derek says back to Andreas... at this point Caruso sees he needs to take control and finally convinces Derek that in porn it's just no big deal, if you want to make money, you gotta go with the flow. Derek all of a sudden changes his mind ''I'll  try it, but no promises'' he says. Well, that's good enough for Caruso who wastes no time in telling Andreas to get to work. Andreas appears to be somewhat intimidated by this straight guy and is a little hesitant to grab the dude's cock - but he does and before you know it he's sucking Derek's 9 incher for all it's worth. Derek keeps looking back at the pussy porn playing on the studio monitor, maybe we think so that he he doesn't get 'lost' in the gay sex.  After a while, the guys stand up and Andreas puts Derek's hand on his uncut cock and encourages him to start stroking it - which Derek does. This turns into a cock2cock rubbing session and finally gets to the point that Andreas works up enough courage to pull Derek, who towers over his own 5'6'' frame, in for a kiss. But, it never goes past some mutual pecks on the lips. It seems that Derek isn't opening his mouth and letting another dude's tongue inside - it just ain't happening. So, it's time to move on and Caruso tells Derek it's his turn to suck cock. Derek gets down on his knees and makes a real shitty attempt at suck Andreas off, just like you'd think a straight guy would, and his first blow job is over almost before it starts. Caruso quickly moves the boys on to fucking, but Derek is having an awfully difficult time keeping his huge cock in Andreas' butthole in a seated position. So, Andreas gets on his back, Derek gets himself into position and pounds that boy's pussy real good.  You can see Andreas is in ecstasy, loving every thrust from this hot, straight man - just warming up for what he probably thought or at least hoped would be a long, hot fuck.  But, we are surprised when in short order Derek says he's gonna cum and pulls his thick, rock hard nine inches out of Andreas' now sloppy, sweaty hole and jacks  a huge, creamy load all over our bait. We think Andreas wanted to lap it all up, but for some reason was a bit shy in front of Derek - maybe he thought Derek would think it's too ''faggy''. It's now Andreas' turn to get off and he strokes his cock and cums real fast - you can see him have a full body orgasm - it really looks mind blowing - so much so that Caruso had to give him a couple of minutes to settle down before finally sending two very satisfied boys off to the shower.