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Like so many others, they started their gay4pay careers at BaitBuddies.com and Caruso figures it's the right time to bring Sam Truitt and Austin Ryan back for a hook up. He calls it an exploration of sorts -- Sam exploring Austin's manhole with his 9.5 inch ''flashlight'' - really, that boy's cock is like a one of those giant Mag Lite flashlights!  Originally it was supposed to be Austin getting fucked with Sam's HUGE 9.5'' MONSTER cock. But, after getting a close up look at that perfect, long and thick tool and then having the opportunity to blow Sam and choke on it for a while, Austin tells Caruso it's way to big for him to get fucked with - at least for now. So, Caruso agrees to let them swap rolls for today's shoot and have Sam bottom for Austin who sports a much more reasonably sized 6.5'' cock.  After getting his cock sucked, Sam is super horny and ready for an ass plowing. Austin gets his condom on as Sam lubes his cute melon like bubble butt and the boys take their positions with  Austin is sitting on the couch and Sam lowering his hole onto his buddy's cock. It isn't long before Sam takes Austin's cock to the root and both boys go at it.  We get to see how sexy Sam looks as he jacks his giant pole in sync to Austin's cock pumping his hole.  Austin really wants to get into a power position so he can pummel his bottom's boy pussy. To that end, he gets Sam on his back then gets on top and starts hunching his butt, which powers his pumping into Sam's now well opened asshole. Sam is so in love with his big, beautiful cock that he just never lets go and jacks that thing for all it's worth. The boys fuck for a good long time and without too much fan fare, Sam shoots his hot twink load all over his taut belly. It's now Austin's turn, and he rips his rubber off, just strokes his cock a few times and dumps his load right along side Sam's. The boys catch their breath and Caruso sends them off to clean up where we briefly see them in the shower. Upon their return to the couch, Austin agrees to return to BaitBuddies.com, but this time he will let Sam EXPLORE his hole with 9.5 inches of fat cock!