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''I came for a girl!''

Wow! A straight former high school football star - and fuck if he isn't one sexy, masculine dude! Big muscles, big cock and super big balls - and wait till you see the big cum shot at the end!  Andrew, an Italian stud, looks like he could've been a roommate on MTV's 'Jersey Shore'. Caruso mentions this to him and he says he actually spent a lot of time at the Jersey shore - obviously strutting his stuff on the boardwalks and beaches.  At 5'11'' inches, this athlete sports a thick 7'' cock and has a torso that tapers to a narrow waist and then blossoms into one of the sexiest bubble butts you'll ever see. He is all man! But, is he ready for our new Bait boy, Trent. Trent is the boy next door, just turned twenty with blond hair and blue eyes and a really nice body, cute butt and a thick 7.5'' cock. Trent tells us that he's bi, in high school he was much more interested in pussy - he even talks about fucking his date, fully clothed, on the dance floor during a homecoming dance - mostly undetected. He said since he's been out of high school and hasn't had the social pressure from classmates, he's had the opportunity to experiment with guys and is now leaning that way. Trent is really looking forward to meeting Andrew as he loves straight dick, so Caruso introduces the boys to each other and explains that they have to get naked and prove they can get hard in the studio environment. Caruso asks Andrew if he has a problem being naked in front of another guy. Andrew answers ''as long as we don't touch''. Of course Caruso keeps a straight face knowing what's coming.  The boys strip down and... you have to see it for yourself - these two are hot as hell. Andrew's cock gets hard right away, he's excited being in the studio and watching pussy porn and the atmosphere is just sex-sex-sex, as he looks forward to showing off his stuff which he obviously knows is primo. Caruso is satisfied and goes to get the girl, so the boys pass time talking about the porn they're watching. The bad news is then delivered ''no girl'', and Caruso gives them the double the money pitch for having sex with each other. ''What - are you crazy!'' says Andrew, ''I came for a girl'', ''are you serious!''  After Caruso explains the porn business to him and how you have to be flexible, and that it's not gay to have sex with another dude, he comes to the conclusion that he'll do it for the money.  Then Caruso adds ''what about getting your ass fucked?'' ''Hell no!'' says Andrew... but Trent says he's up for it for double the money, to which Andrew replies ''God bless you''. Caruso gets them started by having Trent grab Andrew's gorgeous straight boy cock and stroke it. Once Andrew is rock hard, he takes his hand and pulls it over to his own cock. Andrew reacts to this by saying ''I have to touch his too!'', but does it anyway - and you'll notice how he soon can't take his eyes off Trent's cock as he jacks it.  Trent then goes down on Andrew's cock and both dudes are loving it - Andrew says ''I think he's done this before'' - oh yeah he has!  When Caruso tells Andrew it's his turn to suck cock, Andrew says ''You want me to suck him!'' - yes of course - it's only fair. So, Andrew tentatively puts the tip of Trent's big cock in his mouth and sucks it a little. Trent tells him to go deeper, so Caruso adds  ''do it like your girlfriend  does you'', ''but this is weird'' says Andrew as he finally able to  deep throat all 7.5'' of Trent's thick cock.  Caruso now has them stand and do a little cock2cock frot, which is Trent's cue to pull Andrew in for a kiss. Andrew pulls back and asks ''what are you doing'' to which Trent replies ''let's kiss'' and so Andrew just gives in and you'll see a pretty hot kissing session between the two. The boys are pretty turned on by now, you can just tell, so Caruso has them move on to fucking.  Trent gets into the doggy position and we see Andrew pumping into Trent's tight hole. Trent gets super horny and tells Andrew to ''pound it!'' and he complies and fucks that boy's cunt silly. Trent wants to finish off on his back and he gets his wish. Andrew is pumping his cute butt pretty hard, but when Trent is felling like he's on the edge, he tells Andrew he's cumming and yells ''fuck me!''. Andrew goes wild and gives Trent one of the hardest poundings of his young life until his cum literally sprays like water all over his torso. It doesn't take him but a few more pumps and hunky Andrew pulls out and sends an explosive rocket of cum onto Trent's belly, chest and all the way into his hair... someone was turned on!  Caruso then sends the two cummy, sweaty dudes to the showers, Trent is so sore from the fucking he received that we notice he kind of walks funny into the shower.  In the end, Caruso asks Andrew what he liked best - ''I loved fucking Andrew's tight hole'',  what about sucking dick ''not a fan''. Would you do it again?... ''Probably (he pauses) and then says YES!''