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''One guy at a time.''

Caruso really likes to vary the type of guys in his videos, from muscular to slender, hairy to smooth, scraggly to clean cut, hipsters to jocks and older to younger, etc, etc.  This week it's two smooth, young dudes. Broc is straight and a good ol' country boy whose daddy told him to date within his race. But, he doesn't care because he loves black pussy, the contrast in her skin color with his and just the fact that his backwards thinking family doesn't like the idea. Broc is just 19 years old, 6'5'' tall with a slender toned body and a thick 7'' cock.  Although you would expect he was a basketball player at his height, he actually played football in high school (last year) and is a pretty accomplished BMX stunt rider. He has a girlfriend who is well aware that he's doing porn today and gonna bring home some greenbacks. However, like Broc, she has no idea of what he just walked into at BaitBuddies.com.  We also find out that he's had a threesome before while he was still in high school with a buddy and a girl which started as a game of 'chicken' sitting on a couch watching TV.  Caruso pairs Broc up with Grayson,  a twinkish boy from upstate N.Y, a year older at 20, really cute with dirty blond hair and who also has a 7'' cock. We find out later what a bad boy Grayson really is - says he just can't help himself and explains to Caruso how it came about that he sucked off his ex-boyfriend in the back of a cop car. As we get into the scene we find Broc having the same reaction as 99% of the straight boys when they find out that the girl didn't show ... ''this is not what I came for''. Before long, an always very calm Caruso convinces him to give it a try. You'll see plenty of first time gay sex, jacking, kissing, sucking and fucking between these two cute dudes. In the end, Caruso asks Broc how he liked the experience. He tells Caruso ''there's nothing I didn't like'' and that he's going to tell his girlfriend about what happened.  Broc said he would have sex with a dude again and concludes that he has expanded his sexual horizons to which Caruso replies ''that's what we do around here, we expand sexual horizons, one guy at a time''.