Bait: Rob Axel
Straight: Big B
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Straight men are just flowing into our studio this Spring Break. They are blowing all their money on hot babes and doing whatever it takes to make more. Even if it involves blowing a guy.

Rob Axel was called in for an interview. Looking at this guy you wouldn`t think he would swing both ways but this hot jock loves pussy and loves cock! Tall, blond, stacked, and ready to blow, we knew he would do just find for our next scandal.

We paired him up with Big B. This guy was not anywhere near gay or bi but that`s what most of them like to think and we know different. This stud was yummy. He had long dark brown hair, nice buff and hairy chest, and a nice cock to chow down on! Rob Axel was just waiting for the OK to dive on in.

Mason of course was along for the show. If anyone can get these straight guys going it`s definitely her. All the men love her and she sure loves them. Come on in and check out how far today`s victim will go.