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There`s nothing more enticing than two young straight studs realizing what it`s like to take a walk on the wild side and experiment a little. Consider this a documentary of what two horny guys will do to get off when there is no pussy in site!

Jordan Michaels is our bait guy and he does appreciate a nice, thick, juicy cock! Jordan is one sexy guy. Stocky build, ripped from head to toe, sexy face, nice hard bubble butt, and a long, thick cock. Oh did we mention how hot he was?

We paired him up with the new straight victim - Billy Ray. Could you have a more straight and redneck name than that? Billy Ray wasn`t too bad himself. He was Tall, lean, average build, smooth body, nice hard ass, and a big fat dick!

We put these two studs together and got their opinions on gay porn. Billy Ray didn`t seem to be having fun anymore. Suddenly his thoughts of doing porn went downhill. He started to get really nervous so Jordan talked to him for a while to ease his mind and started to move in slowly. After giving in a letting Jordan suck his cock for a little while he seemed to start to get into it.

Could we push Billy Ray all the way? Will he ram his cock in Jordan`s ass or better yet would he let Jordan ram his cock up his ass? Come and check it out and see for yourself it`s getting really hot in here!