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If you love first timers then this is the video for you! You won`t want to miss this tight hottie, Bobby Clark!

Sexy jock Bobby Clark strolled into our studio looking to try out for straight porn. This was his first time of ever doing anything this crazy so he was a little nervous about the whole situation. He loves to watch porn and loves to fuck so just like so many more he figured why not get paid for doing what you love! During his interview he told us about the MANY experiences he had and the MANY fantasies he still has. This guy must go through boxes of tissues every week with a nasty mind like his.

Bobby Clark was definitely made for porn. With his piercing blue eyes, chiseled face, sexy body, and big cock, he was what every studio was looking for. His nice hard bubble butt wasn`t hard on the eyes either.

After convincing him that this had nothing to do with gay porn he was more relaxed. Bobby was terrified of ending up on a gay site and all of his friends finding out. He just sat back, got into his own little groove, and the jacking began. He stroked and stroked his rock hard cock while caressing his smooth body. Before we knew it he had squirted about a gallon of his thick, rich, spooge all over his nice tan chest. Since he was feeling so good we decided to keep it a secret that his hot pop shot was indeed going to end up on a gay site after all!