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Straight stud Bobby Knight came into the studio ready for a hot threesome. Tall, dark hair, nice body, and a fat cock. He`s just what the Doctor ordered. To his surprise the threesome was with another guy instead of two girls. Not only was it with another guy but it was going to be a DP scene. Bobby didn`t seem to mind at first until Caruso explained what a true DP was. The thought of his cock rubbing against another dude`s cock totally grossed him out.

We had our new bait guy Xander there to lend a helping hand. Xander was slim, toned, tan, with killer blue eyes, and a big cock as well. I guess big things do come in small packages!

How far will Bobby Knight go? Will Xander`s wish of getting fucked by an angry straight guy come true? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!