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Bobby Rail was a little uneasy from the beginning when he found out he would be doing a DP scene. The thought of his cock rubbing against another dude`s cock was something he wanted nothing to do with. We had this blond hair, brown eyed stud, strip down to reveal his tight, tan, and tattooed body. Then he worked up his fat 8" cock thinking about what he was going to do to Ashley.

Drake Jaden played our straight bait guy and he really pulled it off. He had a shaved head, blue eyes, ripped and tattooed body, and a big cock to tie it all together.

After delivering the bad news that Ashley was a no show we convinced the guys to interact with each other. At first Bobby was so horny that he didn`t mind. He even shoved his cock up Drake`s ass. After thinking about what he had done this guy totally freaks out on us.