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In this video we took a detour from the standard BaitBuddies.com formula by adding a girl as the director. This chick Mandy is no-nonsense, wild and slutty and we knew she would be perfect to break this young stallion, Braxton. He is a hot 22 year old straight and naive country boy with blond hair, blue eyes, smooth muscular body with perfect proportions, hung like a horse, hot, lickable hind quarters and sports some sexy well placed ink - his stud branding. We knew from experience that this would be one tough straight dude for us to harness and we were right! When told that he would be doing a DP (double penetration) scene with Candy" a hot model and our ever ready and hung Bait stud, Kain, both big penises in the same hole at the same time, he said in horror "My dick has to touch his!".

Then the bad news, "Candy" is not coming and the only alternative is some guy-guy stuff. Braxton fought Mandy, the producer and the camera man at every furlong. But with Mandys tough, yet seductive "horse whisperer" style (and the promise of triple pay and a roll in the hay with Mandy after the shoot), she pushed him out of the gate. But this was no race, it was a slow trot as she was gradually able to not only get him to chomp on some dick for the first time ever - getting him to go ALL the way down - tongue and everything - "do it like your girlfriend does you" says Mandy - she also gets him into the saddle to rough fuck the ever loving load out of our Bait, Kain. This to be followed by the now panting Braxton ripping off his Magnum and beating off a really big Alabama, country boy load as he crosses the finish line. Too bad, but we ended up in the winners circle once again by making this hot dude go Gay4Pay. After the shoot, Braxton is ready to get paid not only his cash, but with a dressing room fuck with Mandy. See what happens when Mandy tells him that she is a transsexual!!!

It has been a while since that shoot, but when we mention Braxton to Kain, he gets big grin on his face and his eyes go blank as he obviously relives part of that hard pounding he received from our straight country stud from Alabama - YEE HAW! "