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Boy oh boy have we got something in store for you. We have found one sexy straight stud that really likes to have his buttons pressed and we like pressing them. The test is to see just how much we can press them and for how long! Sit back, relax, and take a load off!

Brent Nichols came into the studio wanting to do straight porn. He was a little nervous but after a little talking he seemed to unwind a bit. This guy was so hot. He had piercing ice blue eyes, sexy face, ripped muscular body, and a nice round and hard bubble butt. Just the kind of guy we were looking for. Oh and did I forget to mention his big throbbing cock? You could do some serious damage with that thing!

Our bait boy never showed up. Maybe he just chickened out on us after seeing a picture of the guy he was supposed to seduce. Who cares anyway? We had this hot stud here and we had plenty of naughty thing in mind for him to do.

We had him stroke his fat cock, play with his ass a little, you know just the usual things to get your juices flowing. The most important part is the way he did it. He loved being told what to do by our gay producer and really worked the camera. I could almost say under his thick macho skin that this guy was borderline gay. Of course we never mentioned that to him though.

Come see what this guy is packin` and check out the load he blows!